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A detailed eyewitness account of how Ahmed was assassinated

           Divela Ahmed Hussein-Suale

An eyewitness who was at the scene before, during and after the killing of one of Anas’ partner, Ahmed Hussein-Suale has spoken about how things unfolded prior to his death. 

According to the eyewitness (name withheld), the two men who killed Ahmed came to the area as early as 3:15pm and were seen innocently loitering around. Because of their innocent look, no one ever suspected that they were on a murder mission. 

“We saw them around 3:15 in the area but we didn’t pay attention to them. They waited till it was late before they killed him. I had my torchlight because it was late.”

The eyewitness explained that just before his death, Ahmed was in the company of some friends including himself when he received a phone call and went over to move his car.

But as soon as he moved the car, his killers who were monitoring him crossed his car and fired the first shot at a junction. Ahmed upon reaching the junction slowed down and that was when the first shot was fired.

In a move to save his life, Ahmed reversed his car but lost control in the process, thereby crushing into a hairdressing salon across the street. He stepped out of his car and run into the salon, but the gunmen followed him into the salon and fired the final two shots that killed him on the spot. 

Another eyewitness who saw everything wanted to raise alarm, but decided to keep quiet when one of the gunmen pointed his gun at him threatening to shoot if he made any noise.

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“So we all kept quiet because he was holding the gun in his face. We couldn’t say anything and they came for the motorbike and went away,” the eyewitness narrated.

The gunmen initially pulled away at slow speed until they got to a far distance where they sped off. He added that it was after the gunmen had sped off that they gathered the courage to call the police. And according to the police, they could not come immediately because all their cars had gone for patrol.

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In a bid to save the young man’s life, they tried stopping some taxis to help convey Suale to a nearby hospital, but because it was a gunshot case, they all refused.

Consequently, before help could come for Ahmed to be taken to the hospital, he had already died.

Watch video below; 

Credit: citinewsroom 

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