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[A Story of True Love] “Shatta Wale had 75 cedis when I met him but he now has 3 mansions” – Shatta Michy

“A woman who stands with her man when he has nothing, is worth a lot of praise and respect when he gets everything”. This is how I start my article. 

I happened to listen to an interview from Shatta Wale’s baby mama Shatta Michy, on the Showbiz A-Z Show on Joy FM about a week ago hosted by Naa Ashokor. She had a lot to say, but for the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on how long the couple have been together. 

                          The happy couple

We all have heard stories of how Diamond Michelle Gbagonah (Shatta Michy) met the now big money Shatta Movement President when he virtually had nothing. She met him in 2010 at a teen age of 16 years and fell in love with him there and then. At the time, Shatta Wale (then Bandana) was enjoying his small small Bandana fame back then, just hoping for a miracle to make it bigger. Shatta Wale was just a normal Nima guy trying to find his “grinding” in the music industry. According to Shatta Wale, he tried using “ways and means” which didn’t make any impact in his music career. He was a real hustler back then, but Shatta Michy remain glued to her hustler lover, having the believe that things will one day become better.

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During the interview, Shatta Michy mentioned how much money Shatta Wale had as his savings the first time she met him. He had just GHC 75 and was living in a rented single room in the Nima ghettos. He had nothing like a bank account. But today, Shatta Wale is arguably the highest paid performer in a country that can boast of international acts like Sarkodie, Kojo Antwi, Stonebwoy and the likes. 

Shatta Michy stayed with her man despite the fact that she wasn’t getting a supply of everything she needed. Rather, she shared in his pains, his sufferings, dreams and successes. She believed that he could make it and indeed, he has made it. He now owns 3 mansions and a fleet of cars. Shatta Michy should be praised for being part of Shatta Wale’s success story. As the saying goes, behind every successful man is a woman. If that woman is not your mother, then she’ll probably be your girlfriend or wife. And in El-Shatta’s case, his long time girlfriend and mother of his son, Majesty, is that sole woman behind his success today. 

Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy performing on stage together 

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There are many young girls out there who see “low life” guys today and reject their proposals all because they don’t drive a car or own a house or receive a 6-figure salary. Some girls grade guys based on their current physical assets. Ma’am, if you can, please begin to grade guys by their intellectual assets and will-power. 

My dear sister, if you know the kind of person that man you just rejected his proposal will become one day, there’s no doubt you’ll go back and propose to him yourself.  

Shatta Michy’s story should be an inspiration to all the young girls out there who are having doubts about their partners who are not rich. Once you both love each other and are committed to your relationship, keep on praying hard and everything’s gonna be alright one day. Who knows? Maybe your man might even be the next “Kofi Annan”. 

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