Akuffo Addo’s bodyguard punches an old man in “Kung Fu” style for trying to get a handshake from the President

Presidential Bodyguard throwing a blow at the old man as he falls to the ground.

Do citizens really have the right to a close up handshake with the President? In Europe and the Americas, that is a common right but for our part of the world, you might keep on wishing for this opportunity till you go to your grave, especially when his bodyguards are in full alert. 

A video has surfaced online in which one of the Presidents bodyguards landed a “hefty blow” to the throat of an old man, throwing the poor old man heavily to the ground. His only crime was he tried getting closer to the President for a handshake. 


In the video, the old man walked out from a crowd of onlookers amidst cheers of “Nana nie” towards the car in which the President was moving. Unawares of the impending danger to himself, the poor old was met with stiff opposition as he was met with a blow by a heavily built bodyguard just as he was inches away from getting a life-long dream fulfilled. 

In a swift rebound from the ground, other guards surrounded the old man, trying to point out his carelessness, rather than checking to see if he was ok. The Presidential convoy moved on as more cheers were directed at the President from the crowd, leaving the old man to his fate.

The Presidential convoy looked to be on the site of a Road Construction Company as heavy duty equipments like a crane, graders and asphalt laying machines were seen in the background, although details of the location and purpose for the visit are unclear for now. 

Watch video below; 



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