Akufo-Addo and his government cannot excuse themselves from the LGBTQI debate – NDC Secretary to President


The constituency secretary for the National Democratic Congress in Awutu Senya East, Tuariq Amadu has raised concerns over President Nana Akufo-Addo and his Government on the loud silence from the ongoing LGBT+ brouhaha.

Ghanaians would recall the words of the President when he granted an interview to a female journalist of Al-jazeera and captured on graphiconline dated 26th November 2017, with the caption, “Homosexuality Legalization in Ghana is bound to happen.”

In the said interview, H E Nana Addo, in answering to questions as to whether or not Ghana would consider legalizing the activities of the LGBT+, he did indicate that, there wasn’t any form of pressure from any quarters on Government to do so and that should there be pressure from the LGBT+ groups like it happened in Britain that led the Brits to succumb and enacted laws that gave rights to the LGBT+ groups, if same should happen in Ghana, “legalization of the activities of the LGBT+ is bound to happen”.

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Two days after the President’s interview on Al Jazeera, the LGBT+ group wrote to the President thanking him for assuring them of legalizing their activities. This was reported on Ghanaweb of Tuesday 28th November, 2017.

Ghanaians woke up to news and pictures of a well attended party organized by some LGBT+ under heavy Police protection at James Town on Wednesday 30th May, 2018. The news of this party was captured by Ghanaweb with the caption “Lesbians and Gays party held in Accra” Thursday 31st May, 2018.

I pray we do remember when government, acting under the Education Ministry, tried introducing stuffs of these LGBT+ in textbooks for our kids to learn. But for the loud cry from our Religious bodies and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) which forced government to withdraw, our kids would have been learning and may be practicing “trumu trumu” amongst other evil acts which our laws, culture and customs frown upon.

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Ghanaians woke up last week to news of the Commissioning of an office by the LGBT+ group with the support of some Reps of some Foreign Missions here in Accra. Apart from same Religious bodies and CSOs with the loudest being Lawyer Moses Foh Amoaning who has even gone further to allege that, there are some 8 journalists,12 Ministers and some Lawyers who have membership cards of the LGBT+ group and aiding their activities.

The sad aspect is that, government and for that matter, H E Nana Addo, is Loud silent on this devilish group and their activities. Is it the case that, these LGBT+ groups followed the Brits example our President gave on his interview on Al Jazeera and are adopting same hence the deafening silence or the commentary “it is bound to happen” is it now happening?


Tuariq Amadu, General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Awutu Senya East


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