All is not well with Fameye & his management team – Europe promoter


Nana Amoako, CEO of Young Mission Entertainment has stated that all is not well with Fameye and his management team. 

This comes on the back of a recent fight between Fameye and Ogidi Brown during his Europe tour.  

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During an interview on SVTV during the launch of the UK version of Ghana Music Awards, Nana told DJ Nyaami that he gave the money to Fameye because he signed the contract; not the manager. 

“I’ve a contract with Ogidi Brown and Fameye. So Ogidi Brown can’t say, I don’t have a contract with him and it’s only wise to give the money to the artiste because he signed the contract and the manager and he did so on behalf of management. But for me, I think there is a serious relationship problems between Fameye and his management and this fight between the two has been there for a while” 

A few months ago, Ogidi Brown accused Fameye of becoming so disrespectful after his single became a hit. Ogidi Brown says Fameye started misbehaving towards his management team.

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Young Mission Entertainment is beginning the Ghana Music and After Awards in Europe. It is a Paris-based Ghanaian booking and event organizing company that is aimed at projecting Ghanaian music and musicians across Europe. 

Watch video below…


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