Andy Odarky was caught with “WEE” and I had to pay bribe of GHC1,500 to the Police for him to be freed – Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin

Andy Odarky and Lil Win

It will be recalled that Andy Odarky of TV3 Mentor fame released a press statement on the 14th of August, warning Lil Win (Weezy Empire Entertainment) to stop promoting a song he (Andy) wrote and owns else Lil Win should be ready for a legal battle. 

                              Andy Odarky

Andy has explained why he released the warning to Weezy Empire in an interview on Zylofon FM with Sammy Flex. The Fire House Music CEO revealed that Lil Win doesn’t have the  right to claim ownership of the song but he has uploaded the song in his (Lil Win) name, making it look like he (Andy) is rather the featured artiste.

However, Lil Win in an interview on the same station has denied to agreeing with Andy on a possible contract with Weezy Empire label after the release of the “Ayeyi” track. He rather claimed that he has helped Andy Odarky by giving him the platform on almost every show he is billed to perform, but Andy always delivers below expectation which is a disgrace to him as a musician. 

      Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win

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Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win also released a bomb shell by revealing on air that sometime back, Andy Odarky was arrested in Kumasi for having in his possession Marijuana. But for his intervention, Andy would have been in jail by now. “I had to pay an amount of Ghc1,500 to the police officers as bribe to free him else he would have been jailed”, Lil Win said. 

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Facts of the matter;

Andy Odarky stated that Kwadwo Nkansah agreed to sign him on to his Weezy Empire label if he was willing to do a song with Lil Win. 

“Lil Win can’t write songs… all the songs he’s released were written by others. He told me he’ll sign me on to the Weezy Empire label, formerly Boss Nation but he never fulfilled his promise. We both agreed that because he (Lil Win) can’t pen down the contract, I should do it so we both sign but I told him it is not done that way so let’s all sit down and do it together. Lil Win started avoiding me and wasn’t inviting me for shows. I was surprised when I saw the release of the song and video on other music platforms.” Andy stated. 

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Andy then alleged that after the release of the “Ayeyi” song, Lil Win then shot the video for the song as him (Lil Win) being the main artiste and Andy the featured artiste. 




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