ARTICLE: How Ghana has come to love holidays rather than work

Public holidays in Ghana

Yes, there’s the saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, but when there is work to be done, an economy to improve, a bill to be paid; I mean, time that could be used productively is rather spent holidaying, then our forefathers who fought for our freedom with their blood and toil should be weeping in their graves.

In recent times, more holidays have been added to the calendar of Ghana, with the most recent one being the Constitution day which will be celebrated every 7th of January, beginning this year. But on a more serious note, was it really needed? 

What constitution are we celebrating? The one that allows for injustice in its highest order, or the one that infringes on the rights of the ordinary Ghanaian? 

And it is quiet surprising how parliament was able to quickly pass the bill for this holiday, but is taking decades to pass the Right To Information (RTI) bill which will empower the media and ordinary Ghanaian with information. 

As we speak now, Ghana has 14 public holidays which transcends to 2 weeks; 2 weeks less work out of 52 weeks after all the weekends. Now, let’s do a comparison with some of the worlds super powers and see what this means for Ghana. 

The United States of America has 10 public holidays, Britain has 6 “nationwide” public holidays, China has 6 public holidays and our own West African brothers Nigeria has 10 public holidays. And these are all economies we are in competition with who seem to be doing better than us. 

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So now, the question is what at all are we as Ghanaians looking for? There was even a recent debate to separate Founder’s day which was enacted to commemorate the birthday of one of our founding fathers Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, into two dates in order to factor the other people who joined him during the struggle for independence. 

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We are not “seeing top” with the few holidays we had, and now more in being added. 

Well, it’s a pity that banks are collapsing, people are losing their jobs, our market women are crying, importers are suffering from hefty import duties and yet, the government will still have time to indulge in such pettiness instead of doing the needful. 

Long live Ghana, Long live our motherland 


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