Blame Oti Akenteng for our failure – Coach J. E. Sarpong

Coach J. E. Sarpong
                       Coach J. E. Sarpong

Veteran Coach J. E. Sarpog has accused the Technical Director of Ghana Football Association and a CAF instructor, Francis Oti Akenteng for the failure of our national teams in all competitions across the globe.

Ghanaian national teams have failed to progress in almost all international assignments. Apart from the male U-20 national team emerging winners in the 2008 U-20 World Cup in Egypt and the female national team the Black Queens who were also winners is the All African games in 2016, our national teams have descend very low in all major tournaments that we have participated in recent years.

Speaking on Asempa FM, Coach Sarpong said, “what has he (Oti Akenteng) put up as a technical team? Do we have a technical committee? So why is he holding himself as a technical person?” 

“Most of our coaches in Ghana fail to say the truth because they will be sacked if they do, so they hide behind people and backbite. Come out and say something” he stated.

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Mr Sarpong added that selection of coaches in Ghana is like musical chairs. “I am telling you for a fact that, I am not saying give Coach Sarpong a national team to coach, No. There are people out there who could have done these things.”

“Some of them have been assistants for over 40 years. They haven’t had any chance to handle a national team. Why should it be so?”

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He also reiterated that “if you are alway an assistant coach, then it means you are not ready to take responsibility. That’s because if something happens, you will not be held responsible. That is why most of our coaches refuse to coach the national teams. If the normalization committee is normalizing Ghana Football, then our coaching fraternity  should be also normalized. I no some of them will not like it but the truth is bitter”.


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