BUSTED: Did Shatta Wale steal his “The Reign” album logo?

                      The Reign album symbol

Controversy is brewing, as the official logo for a video software, Mettle, has been identified, and has a striking resemblance to Shatta Wales “The Reign” album symbol. 

                  Mettle Video software logo

The said symbol has three vertical bars and is white in color, against a black background whilst Shatta Wales “The Reign” symbol also has three vertical bars with a little crown on top of the middle bar, but is black in color against a white background. 

The symbol, which according to Shatta Wale signifies the trinity, is being used widely amongst members and sympathizers of the Shatta Movement. And Shatta Wale has the symbol on the number plate of his latest Toyota Landcruiser V8. 

Shatta Wale’s Landcruiser V8 with “The Reign” symbol embossed on the number plate

“The Reign” symbol has been given so much reverence to the extent that one die-hard female fan of the Shatta Movement has tattooed the symbol on one of her breasts. 

The copyright laws are very strict and clear on these things so If it is indeed true that Shatta Wale stole his symbol from Mettle Video software, then Shatta Wale will have a lot of questions to answer. 

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Shatta Wale launched the symbol on the 2nd of August 2018 on his Facebook dp, in preparation for his next album launch. The Reign album will be launched next month, October. 

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Background on video software;

The said software, Mettle, is a software which was created in June of 1992 in the USA. The creators were committed to developing software plugins that open up workflow and creative possibilities, to help artists work better, faster and smarter.

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The Mettle suite has 6 products; Mettle supper suite, Flux, Mantra VR, Free form, Free form pro( Terra pack trio and Aqua pack) and ShapeShifter.  



Mensah Ayartey 


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