Chris Attoh’s wife was killed by her ex-husband who’s in jail for drug trafficking – Source

Chris Attoh and wife Jenifer
Chris Attoh and his second wife, Bettie Jenifer
Chris Attoh and wife Jenifer
Chris Attoh and his second wife, Bettie Jenifer

The late Bettie Jenifer, Chris Attoh’s wife was shot dead in the USA. And now, speculations making the rounds has it that her ex-hubby hired a contract killer to do the job.

According to an insider, Bettie Jenifer was killed by a contract killer hired by her ex-husband who is in jail for drug offenses. 

The source revealed that Bettie Jenifer was married to a drug cartel boss who has been jailed. But she hid it from Chris Attoh when they met. 

But after her marriage to him, threats started pouring in from the cartel members. Bettie Jenifer then convinced Chris Attoh to delete their wedding photos from his Instagram page in a bid to send the message to her ex-husband that they have separated.

It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t convince the drug organization that Chris Attoh had left their boss’ wife. Out of anger for her unfaithfulness, the boss gave an order for her to be taken out from jail.

If what we are hearing is anything to go by, then Chris Attoh is in grave danger himself as he might be their next target. 

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Chris flew in from Los Angeles where he was shooting a movie to Maryland when he heard the news about his wife’s passing yesterday. 

Just some hours before Bettie Jenifer was killed, Chris Attoh shared a post on Twitter which even deepened the divorce rumors. Chris post suggested his wife has been unfaithful to him.

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Chris tweeted: #CHRIS ATTOH When it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is never an option but a priority. Loyalty is ever…

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