Christians can go ahead and drink alcohol; it’s not wrong – Female Gospel Musician

Wine glass
Glasses of wine

A Ghanaian female gospel musician based in London, Alice Mckenzie, has stated emphatically that there is nothing wrong with a Christian drinking alcohol all because they want to follow the will and ways of Christ.

Contrary to Diana Asamoah’s ascertain that people who drink alcohol are senseless, Alice believes otherwise. According to her, alcohol in itself has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Speaking with in an interview, she said; “I think a Christian can drink but need to have a limit to it because alcohol itself has its own advantages and disadvantages“

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She defended her stance with; “Galatians 5:13 that anyone who wants to drink should do that in moderation and 1 Timothy 5:23 which talks about drinking little wine for the sake of one’s stomach and frequent cases of sickness.

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Not everyone drinks alcohol and go out there to misbehave, so the fact that few people might be drinking it unwisely doesn’t really make any other person drinking it senseless “ she added.



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