Coach Opeele Writes: Football is not the Sociology of Time


The former Asante Kotoko coach has mounted a strong defence for the Ghana Football Association(GFA) following a number of unwarranted attacks on GFA capo, Kurt Okraku and his administration.

According to Isaac Adade Opeele Boateng, nations can’t wait for Ghana to decide when to play friendlies and the decision by the FA to put the Ghanaian Premier League on hold to play an international friendly against Uzbekistan is apt.

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Once upon a time, the GFA was CRITICISED for not organising friendlies for the local Black Stars to give local players EXPOSURE. The GFA was vilified for organising games for the main Black Stars only.

The GFA acts and organises a friendly for the local boys on FIFA International break with others also in the Black Stars A. (Faith and Trust).

Therefore, I am really baffled by the unnecessary rancour because the same Ghanaian voices that criticised the GFA over lack of friendlies for locals are the same voices criticising again for breaking the league to play friendlies.

Mind all that football is not SOCIOLOGY OF TIME, i.e. where nations have to wait for Ghana to decide when to play friendlies with them.

To wit, it’s time we all become students of football positivism whilst hoping something good comes out of the friendly. #Gamechanger #bringbackthelove


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