Concentrate on the message rather than the messenger – M.anifest tells Samini after his ‘V8’ comment


M.anifest has jabbed Samini after he started a ‘fight’ with actor John Dumelo after John called out to Parliamentarians about their decision to build chambers for themselves.

It became public knowledge recently that Parliamentarians were getting ready to come to an agreement on the construction of chambers for themselves. The project is said to cost $200M. 

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John Dumelo tweeted that the above mentioned amount could be used to build 10 factories. These factories could create employment for over 10,000 unemployed graduates. 

Samini then came out to ask John Dumelo if he also knew that the cost of ‘our’ V8 could do wonders in his village. He then asked John to come clean on the issue; did he keep the V8 or they were mere allegations. 

Meanwhile, M.anifest has waded into the Samini-Dumelo brouhaha; he wants to find out if Samini is more interested in the message or the messenger? 

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He tweeted; “What matters more to you… the message or the messenger?”

See a screenshot of his post below…


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