Coronavirus is a Satanic agenda to prevent people from going to Church – Bishop Agyin-Asare.

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare

The founder and General Overseer of Perez Chapel, Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare has said that the dreaded coronavirus is an agenda by Satan to prevent Christians from going to worship in Church.

According to the pastor, he had a conversation with Archbishop Duncan Williams who said the COVID-19 pandemic is not anything normal but a satanic agenda to stop people from going to church.

Bishop Agyin-Asare added that it amazes him that people are able to vote at political primaries, go to markets, sit in public transports and surprisingly they are not afraid to contract the disease. But when it comes to going to church, congregants feel people have been assigned to give out the virus.

The pastor then took a swipe at churches who have decided that hold on to services till the country is COVID free claiming that by that time the church will be no more.

Watch full video below…..


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