Dada KD turns relationship coach; says every guy should tattoo their name on the private part of their girlfriends

Dada KD

Veteran Ghanaian highlife musician Dada KD has given Ghanaian men a useful word of advice as he advised them to tattoo their names on the private parts of their girlfriends as a way to claim ownership of the machine; LOL.

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He was speaking during a recent interview on Happy FM’s ShowbizXtra with host Doctor Cann when he responded to a listener’s accusation that he is noted for sleeping with girlfriends and wives of some men.

“If I take other people’s girls, people also take mine. If I meet a girl whom I like, and I tell her and she doesn’t tell me she has ever been married, there’s no way to know if she’s with someone or not. Tell me the truth”, Dada KD quizzed.

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He decided to ignore a follow-up comment by a second listener, but went ahead to advice men by saying; “Look, today there’s a lot of innovation. If you have a girl, just tattoo your name on her private part, so when I go down on her, I’ll see your name there”.

Even when Doctor Cann tried to stop him from making such statements, Dada KD went ahead to say that it’s the only way he will know the ownership of the girl’s people claim he is sleeping with.

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“I’ve not come for your girlfriend. Why would people say such a thing? Maybe, it’s other people’s girlfriends that come for me. I’m not the one going for theirs”, he further stated.


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