DEATH TRAP: Lives of Hearts of Oak players at risk


Associating with a good brand is one thing that adds up to your self esteem and personal confidence when you are faced with the task of verbally defending that brand.

It’s easier to defend a brand that’s already speaking for itself than a brand that is so “dormant” and “dead”. 

Enough of the “brand-ducation”. Let me go straight to my point. Kumasi Asante Kotoko is one of Ghana’s giants when it comes to club football. They might not own a stadium but they take their branding very serious. One aspect of their branding which makes supporters of the Porcupine warriors feel proud of supporting Kotoko is their team buses. Yes, take it or leave it; they own a bus that makes the players comfortable during trips.

         Kumasi Asante Kotoko first team bus

However, the Hearts of Oak first team bus is an “apology”. The bus is in a very sorry state, as everything that could possibly go wrong with a vehicle is wrong with the “Phobia Bird” from rusted/torn potions of the body to worn out seats to worn out tires to broken wipers to broken locks. And the bus is costing the club more money to keep on the road than off the road. 

       First team bus for Accra Heart of Oak

As a professional club that claims they are practicing professional football, this is totally unacceptable.

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Some Phobian fans have complained bitterly about the “Phobia Bird” but management seems to give deaf ears to their complains.

It’s sad how management of darling club Accra Hearts of Oak will be so “heartless” to endanger the lives of their players, because anytime the bus sets off for a match venue, any player who makes the journey has automatically consented to a possible death warrant. If this bus happens to get involved in an accident (God forbid), do you think any player will survive? I’m definitely not God but common sense should tell us that this bus is not road worthy and it has gotten to this state because its maintenace culture is very poor. So why should it still be moving?

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The bus with registration number GE-2811-09 suggests that the bus has been plying the roads of Ghana for 10 years; it’s already “dead”. How can Hearts of Oak still have the effrontery to pride themselves as the “Continental Club Masters” with such a “Pre-Cambrian” bus? I think that accolade should be suspended for the time being till Hearts of Oak gets themselves a new first team bus. 

The bringing onboard of their MD, Mark Noonan brought a lot of positives to the club. The team must also look into getting a new bus that would befit the status of Accra Hearts of Oak as one of Ghana’s greatest continental football exports. 

We would want to appeal that as a matter of urgency, the DVLA and MTTD of the Ghana Police Service should immediately stop the bus from moving before Ghana experiences a national mourning. 


Kwamina DEXTRO


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