Diehard SM fan gingers SM Militants: be up and doing and stop riding on Shatta Wale’s fame

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

A die hard fan of Ghana’s biggest fandom, the Shatta Movement has written an open letter to fans of the movement to sit up and work hard to push the ideas of the movement further. 

In his letter posted on social media, the die hard fan who identified himself as Blakk Angel (Shatta Blakk) explained how he personally saw Shatta Wale work so hard for the fame he has today.  

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According to him, Shatta Wale used to walk long distances from Nima to Korle-Gonno, Osu and La, sharing his CD’s from joint to joint. He added that Shatta Wale did a lot of underground work before his hustle gave him up for fame so the current crop of SM faithfuls shouldn’t ride on Shatta’s fame, but should wake up from their slumber and work harder to make the already famous movement more famous. 

Read his unedited letter below; 

Send this letter to Sm Militants❤🔥

Dear Militant’s , it’s about time you guys force yourself small , from my observation as a #Die hard fan from #Tawala till now , I  can see you guys are sleeping and Relaxing on #Shatta wale Fame🔥… 

When i was in Ghana, i used to met Shatta wale so many times with his small Rasta bag 🔥  sharing his CD’s  from joint to joint in Osu , after his Radio show on Xfm. 🔥🔥🔥 this should tells you guys that shatta wale didn’t get his Fame easy after going down for 10years , he did a lot of work in underground walking from Nima ,kolegono ,Osu and La. Etc…🙏🙏🙏

All i wanted say is  you guys no they force yourselves koraa..it’s about time you guys move on the street from ghetto to ghetto , share your tracks  to the ghetto youths… Chill with the Sm fan’s .. you guys they see yourselves superstars more than the #SmGod Shatta wale👑… Some of on rejecting the hardcore Sm fan’s who support the moves with their life and rather mingle with am look for Sm fan’s..😊😊  

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Wake up and do your underground work very well ,before you go into the studios to record , #Shatta wale that you guy mentor go Reign for more than 10years till Majesty over , you know why because he has finished all this underground works and  he is now enjoying the  hardworks he did🔥🔥so he don’t need to move around again that’s why he is always in the studio recording ..

One thing you guys should know is that Shatta movement was not built on media hype , its was built on the street and ghetto.. so you guy should not expert any Radio station’s to play your Music , they will only play it when  it all over on street  , that was what they did to shatta  wale in the past years 2012/13/14/15/16 even till now .. anything that coming from Shatta movement the Media men is Ghana hate it..  hope you can see what their doing to  Asuoden Pope Skinny because he joins hards with Shatta wale so the media hate him also and don’t play his tracks..😢😢😢

You guys were luck having the biggest Fan’s Base in Africa, so you guys should push it small. Else you guys can’t make your own hit songs nationwide.. your hit songs should not comes only when you guys feature Shatta on it .. am done.. even if my Grammar is poor korra you get what am telling to say..  4lyf is 4lyf



#Nii Noye Nortey 



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