Efia Odo hits hard at Pastor Mensah Otabil and others for telling church members to pay tithes and offerings through MoMo

Efia Odo

Efia Odo has blasted many popular men of God including Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and Pastor Mensah Otabil for refusing to let monies of his congregants rest during this period of ‘no-church’ service.

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After calling on Ghanaians to practice social distancing and churches not been allowed to have services, some churches have brought up new ways of still collecting monies from their already “poor” church members by holding live church service on social media and telling the members to make payments of their tithes and offerings through mobile money.

Many have criticized this move by these churches, claiming that this is not a time to extort monies from church members; and Efia Odo agrees with these people.

Efia Odo took to twitter to attack such churches and their leaders. Because according to her, this certainly is not the time for churches to put their selfish interests above that of its members.

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She posited that instead of pursing members for their tithes and offerings, they can take this opportunity to supply items like hand sanitizers and even extend their churches to the homeless.

Her post reads; “Instead of asking for your members to pay offerings/tithes from home by using mobile money or cash app. Some people can’t even go to work due to this pandemic and y’all have the nerve to be asking for them to send money! Lives are at stake here, get serious and stop playing with GOD.”

See her post below…


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