Emmanuel Quaye (Striker) is a truant and is on hard drugs so we won’t accept him again – Cape Coast Montessori School.


Striker of “Beast Of Nation” fame has ended any opportunity he would have ever had to attend the Cape Coast Montessori School again, as he broke a bond of good behavior he signed himself.

The Manager for the school, Mr. Bruce Kumi, during an interview on Elmina based Benya FM has stated that Striker exhibited a lot of immoral behaviors during his time in school and was not willing to change from his bad ways. In this vein, the school has taken a strong decision not to accept the child actor again. 

Mr. Kumi had this to say. “Frankly speaking, we told him that this fourth time he ran away was his last. We made it clear to the guardian that it’s too much for us. And he ran away from school ahead of last term’s examination. If there is any decision to be taken, the board would have to take that decision. But according to the bond he signed, we cannot take him back. What’s the assurance he won’t run away again if we accept him back. We became even more scared when we found hard drugs on him the third time he came.” 

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Mr Bruce is also concerned because the school has over 200 other children who they need to shield from negative influence. 

The child actor’s plight recently came to light as a Caleb Boye, a Facebook user broke the story on his wall of how he was Emmanuel begging on the streets for survival. Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye who stared in “Beast of No Nation” as Striker was taken from the streets for the role and this background has gone a long way to affect him negatively as he is finding it difficult to adjust to life as a normal teenager. 


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