eShun will be disgraced if I tell my side of the story – Former Manager/lover

eShun and Stephen Mensah

eShun’s former manager and ex-bed warmer, Stephen Mensah has denied all allegations leveled against him by his former artiste.

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And speaking on the issue, Stephen Mensah stated that he is deeply concerned about his brutally battered public image and reputation; but will not publicly engage eShun in a battle of words or tell the world his side of the story.

He stated that in doing so, he would only be destroying eShun’s brand; something he has heavily invested in over the years. But he maintained that there is no truth in the allegations eShun has leveled against him so far.

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Speaking during a recent interview on Hello FM, Stephen Mensah said; “I’m deeply worried about what is going on and what Eshun said about me, because what she said has dented my reputation, there’s no truth in all that, it’s not true but I won’t put forth any explanations that will disgrace her. I won’t do that because that would invariably mean that I’m destroying everything I invested in.”

Stephen Mensah has still kept faith in eShun’s brand and hopes Ghanaians continue to support her in spite of the brouhaha surrounding their battered relationship, Because he knows how talented his former is; hence, she deserves all the support there is to thrive in the entertainment industry.

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“I still have faith and believe strongly in Eshun’s brand but I’m deeply disturbed about everything she said about me but we all have to support Eshun. She’s a very good artiste.”

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