Everyone has regrets and here are 2 things Sammy Kuffour regrets in his life

Sammy Kuffour

Ex-Ghana international and Bayern Munich star man Samuel Osei Kuffour has disclosed the 2 things he regrets in life; they are piercing his ears and having children with different women.

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The former footballer and Supersport’s European Champions League Match Day pundit made this revelation during an interview on GTV Sports Plus.

Kuffour was a “hero” during his days as a player. And he took the opportunity to share the things he regrets doing as a footballer.

He said; “As a former footballer, having kids with different women is something I regret because I always wanted to see my kids at one place”.

“I have grown up to realize it was a mistake because I wanted to have kids growing up with one woman but it did not happen as I wished”, he further stated.

Kuffour also narrated how his mum yelled at him when she saw that he had pierced his ears.

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“I remember I went to Kumasi to see my mother and she shouted at me and I was sacred. I asked her what is wrong and she asked what I have I done to myself? I thought every footballer is piercing the eyes so I can also do the same thing but my mother was not happy with that and I regret that,” Sammy said.


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