Factors That Led To Gary and Wallace Becoming The Top 2 Sports Journalists in Multimedia


Gary Al Smith and Enoch Worlanyo Wallace are the leading sports Journalists in Multimedia Group Limited and among the 2020 top 50 journalists ranking, contributing to the development of sport in Ghana according to a Survey conducted by Exclusively Classic Events & Media Services

Gary Al Smith ranked 4th position whilst Enoch Worlanyo Wallace commanded the 6th position with the veterans Kwabena Yeboah and Karl Tuffour both of GTV ranking first and Second respectively. TV3’s Michael Oti Adjei is third on the log with Daily Graphic’s Maurice Quansah taking the number 5 slot.

According to the Reseach Team at Exclusive Classic Events and Media Services under the leadership of Daniel Amartey, the research was the true result of the thorough investigation done by the team.

“This comprehensive study is without prejudice and it is a true reflection of the contributions made by the various sports Journalists in the ranking by our respondents”, he said

He added that the journalists identified were ranked based on these factors such as;

Content of Sports Program/ Write Up – Analytical Approach to issues aimed at producing quality results. (20%),

Ethics and Professionalism; The application of ethics and professionalism in the work of the journalist(20%),

Panel (Radio & TV) / Sources (Print & Online); For TV and Radio the focus will be on knowledgeable resource persons who draw conclusions without attacking personalities but rather addressing issues.

For Print and Online the focal point was the sources from which the stories are drawn from(20%),

Engagements with Final Consumers of Content respondents (Viewers, Listeners, Readers); The concentration was directed at the engagements between the content providers and the final consumers who were the respondents. Engagements as in the form of reading messages, recieving calls, responding to comments and delivery (20%),

Online – Geographical Reach of Content – The focal point of this factor was directed how far the stories got to people and the impact it made (20%),

Frequency of Published Content in a Week (Online and Print Only)– Once a week, twice or more than thrice a week.


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