Fame Is a Gateway To Opened Opportunities -Jay Nero


Ghanaian Hiplife artiste and engineer Jay Nero has made some remarks pertaining to reasons why some Ghanaian artistes end up being poor after retiring from their music career.

Jay Nero in an exclusive interview with  Seth Nana Poku, a reporter of societywatch.net  revealed that most underground and upcoming Ghanaian artistes get blinded by fame after stepping into the music industry due to lack of self discipline.

The “Indome” hit maker stated that fame is just a gateway to opened opportunities.

Jay Nero further emphasized that it is bad leadership for artistes to live a fake rich life in order to look good in the sight of their fans.

According to him, it is possible to have a celebrity without money because popularity does not guarantee riches but on a flip side money can bring popularity to artistes.

The young entrepreneur who is yet to establish his company urged all celebrities to venture into entrepreneurship to aid their musical career.

“Fame without money will only result in  loosing respect, in life people will only treat you the way you are,whether you are rich or poor, ” he opined.


Reported by: Seth Nana Poku


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