Fearless Salma Mumin Still Chilling in Her Expensive Car Despite Threats from MTN To Sue Her [Video]


The Ghanaian actress is making waves on the internet for falsely claiming that communications giant MTN, is involved in mobile money fraud in a post she made on Tuesday.

Her post suggested that a staff of the biggest communications network in Ghana has fraudulently withdrawn money to the tune of GHC 10,000 from her business account despite all her education as a popular actress.

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”believe it’s your workers! It must be looked into. My money must be found!!!!  @mtnghana until my money is found there won’t be peace on this internet for you.!!!!! I will lead a protest for the people of Ghana this is becoming unbecoming. You assure us of our monies being safe with you but it’s all lies. You people must pay our monies to us. If you have been frauded before by this means please tag your service provider here. This is our hard-earned money.” she posted

This obviously didn’t go well with MTN who have been forced to publish a rejoinder, denying the wild allegations by Salma Mumin, claiming that the said amount was not in the Momo account in the first place.

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MTN, therefore, has issued a 24 hour ultimatum, demanding an apology from the multiple award-winning actress or will have to seek redress at the law court for her irresponsible post on social media.

However, the entrepreneur cum actress will still have none of that as she cruises with her friends in her expensive ride jamming to some music as the week comes to a close.

Kindly watch the video below.


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