I Felt Cheated In The Ring -Ike Quartey

Isufu Quartey
Ghanaian Boxer Isufu Quartey
Isufu Quartey
Ghanaian Boxer Isufu Quartey


Ghanaian former professional boxer  Isufu Quartey popularly known as “Ike Bazooka” said he felt cheated in the ring.

According to him, that caused his quit in boxing after he fought Lopez in his last fight.
“I decided to quit when I fought Lopez,
two weeks later WBO said it’s a draw and I said they should let it go,” he mentioned.
Ike Bazooka  reacted on Oscar De La Hoya comment saying;
“Oscar hasn’t fought tough opponents before fighting me he wasn’t my toughest fight as he claimed.”
He however,  mentioned that Oscar didn’t win that match.
According to him, the worst result that should have come out was a draw.
He expressed his disappointment in the management.
“I was bitterly disappointed about the out come because I knew i had won that fight, the worst result should have been a draw, ” he said.
He also disclosed that the fight with Christ Santos was his toughest fight.
According to him, Christ Santos was tough, tall and a marathon runner and hence did not have it easy with him.
Ike Bazooka mentioned that the American boxers in his division are one of the tough boxers.
He said Isaac Dogboe “the royal storm” is ready for championship because he did everything he wanted in the ring.
Isufu Quartey competed from 1988 to 2006.
He held WBO welterweight title and challenged once, for the IBF junior middleweight tittle in 2000.
He has a boxing record of 42 fights out of which he won 37, lost 4 and had one draw.
Source: Brent Amenuvor/ societywatch.net


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