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Fishing net captures woman alive from deep sea in Kasoa

A young woman has allegedly been caught by a fishing net at Gomoa Nyanyano in Kasoa. 

The woman who is believed to be in her 30’s was caught by fishermen around 4:30am when they went fishing last Wednesday. 

The Chief Fisherman of Gomoa Nyanyano, Nana Awotwe, confirming the incident stated that he received a call from some fishermen from the town that they had caught a woman whilst they were pulling their fishing net from the sea.

The woman was brought to his house by the fishermen and upon interrogation, she mentioned that her name is Maame Ama, a resident of Tema Community 2. She collapsed immediately after mentioning her name and was rushed to the Kasoa Polyclinic. 

“I was at home when some fishermen called me on phone, asking whether or not I’m in the house because they have caught-up a live human being after pulling out their fishing net from the sea. So I asked a Taxi driver to go to the sea shore and bring the woman together with the fishermen. When they came to my house, I asked what has happened and I was told everything. I asked the name of the woman and she told me she is Maame Ama from Tema Community 2 but suddenly she fainted. We rushed her to Kasoa Polyclinic”, Nana Awotwe stated.

She regained consciousness after some time and was quizzed by the medical doctor in-charge of Kasoa Polyclinic as to how come she found herself in the fishing net. 

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Explaining her ordeal, Maame Ama explained that she came to Obojo Beach Hotel at Koklobetey around 9pm on Tuesday to have a time of reflection. 

But she decided to take her bath after some time when she suddenly heard a strange voice mention her name. And within a twinkle of an eye, she found herself in the presence of ”Maame Water”.  

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Maame Ama revealed that she was caught up by the net after Maame Water rejected her for failing to turn into a fish.

In the mean time, the Social Welfare Department in the Municipal has taken over the case but are yet to take Maame Ama back to her home in Tema Community 2.


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