Founder of Ashesi University dresses like female for a campus celebration

Dr. Patrick Awuah clothed in female atire
Dr. Patrick Awuah clothed in female atire
Dr. Patrick Awuah dressed up in female clothing

The founder of one of Ghana’s most respected universities, Ashesi University, has gone “crazy” as he dressed up in all female attire

Dr. Patrick Awuah Jnr. wore the dress to join some students of his school school shoot a promotional video for “Ashesi Crazy Day 2019”.

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The respected educationist and former employee of Microsoft was seen in a wig, a white T-shirt, a green skirt and heels to match.

Tagged as ‘Crazy Boy’ in the video, he sang along with the students and they danced to King Ayisoba, Mokin, Wanlov the Kubolor Kwaw Kese’s 2014 tune ‘Look Ma Shoe’.

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Dr. Patrick Awuah shared the video on his Facebook page with the caption: “Ashesians, in the spirit of Crazy Day tomorrow, here’s to not to taking ourselves too seriously! Played my part, now it’s over to you, Ashesi Student Council. #atAshesi.”



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