Ghana Police neglegence caused ‘Welcome to Sowutuom’ Disaster


    The Welcome to Sowutuom Concert came off yesterday and I’m sure that most of you by now might have heard about the disaster that tainted the maiden concert organized by AMG Medikal and his team.

    3 persons were critically injured and one other person laid on the ground, appearing seemingly lifeless as blood oozed out of his head injury. This resulted in Shatta Wale performing only three songs as he felt his safety was at stake. 

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    Well, I will put the blame for the disaster right on the door steps of the security details for the night; the Ghana Police Service to be precise. 


    Now, everybody who knows Shatta Wale when it comes to events knows the kind of crowd he pulls and how eager the fans are to get close to him anytime he’s billed to perform at a concert. 

    The Police should have been ready for Shatta Wale’s stage appearance if they really knew what they were about. 

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    Here’s how it all began; most of the fans who came to the Kwashieman school Park came there because of Shatta Wale. And it was evident in the way they were chanting his name whilst other artists performed. 

    The crowd was so charged up and ready for Wale. And even before Wale came on stage, they had a hectic task controlling the crowd. 

    When it was getting close to Shatta Wale’s performance, some fans climbed the metal stand that was carrying the suspended speakers just to ready themselves for a clear view of the stage in anticipation of Wale’s performance. The police did nothing about this and one of them was caught videoing performances from some artistes.


    And now, the moment of truth when Shatta Wale appeared on stage; more fans climbed the metal pole whilst the crowd crossed the metal barrier placed before them to separate the crowd from the stage. 

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    Yes, Shatta Wale appeared on stage with some armed police men and even this is an indication that they had intelligence that there could be a possible chaotic situation. Because if it wasn’t so, armed men wouldn’t have accompanied Shatta Wale on stage as even the host Medikal came on stage alone. 

    So, if they had done their job well, they could have had more men on the ground to control the crowd which would have prevented people from climbing the speaker hangers.


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