Ghanaians angry over Kantanka’s new bulky ‘Kantanka-Mo’ car; say it is useless to our community

Kantanka Mo

Ghanaians have taken to social media to express their disgust at the new inventions local vehicle manufacturer Kantanka is churning out. Because according to these concerned citizens, these inventions will have little benefit to the society in Ghana. 

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It will be recalled that Kantanka recently launched a new brand off their fleet of locally assembled vehicles, the Kantanka Mo. 

This vehicle comes in the shape of a mini aircraft with doors similar to that of an aircraft. 

However, many Ghanaians have blasted Kantanka Motors for even thinking of inventing such a vehicle; because it will do little to help the economy as a whole. 

According to them, it will benefit Ghanaians better if they invent vehicle which the ordinary Ghanaian in the village can afford and use to visit his farm. 

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Another school of thought has it that Kantanka is wasting the 10 years tax holiday the government has given to them. 

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