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GLICO Life Insurance a scam – Facebook user rants has chanced upon a post on Facebook from a user by name Obed Kwabena Bangdome, complaining bitterly about the poor services offered by insurance company GLICO Life Insurance. 

In the post, Obed explained how he was convinced by a team of marketers from GLICO to register a life policy, promising him exorbitant returns on his investment after 5 years. But to his disappointment, he was given peanuts in return after the maturity period of his investment in November 2018. 

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Till date, his salary is deducted meanwhile he is no longer a subscriber of the scheme. He also explained how the companies customer relationship is as bad as it could get. 

Read his post below; 

Dear Facebook friends,

Do not let GLICO Life Insurance Company  use their nicely crafted advert that has ran for more than 2 decades on TV3 to mislead you.

Growing up as a child, TV3 was my favorite station and watching the glico advert during their major news bulletin was one moment I enjoyed. Guys I am talking about that cartoon ad which has a rich looking guy riding a 2-door sports car and suddenly bursting a tyre and when he was at the edge of dying, he got saved by glico life.

It was November 2013 and I was doing probation period on my first employment. Glico life staff walked into my office and after a long talk by the team leader, memories of their ad on TV3 made me register a life policy for 5 years.

1st November, 2018 was my maturity date and the amount the guy told me was my benefits, to my surprise was way way way below that. I was disappointed but had to behave like a gentleman and accept the cheque like that.

It’s been over 2 months after the policy had expired, they continue to make deductions from my salary. I’ve called and personally been to their office but the response has not be satisfactory.

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My observations so far:

1. Some of their staff on the field, will quote an interest rate higher than what the company actually pays just to entice you to register. On the day of processing my claims at the headoffice in Accra, all the guys who were in front of me in the queue were disappointed with the amount they received. In fact, one guy complained on top of his voice that the amount he received could not pay his T&T to Koforidua and that if he knew that was how meagre the money was going to be, he’d have preferred staying at home. He tried to slap the cashier, but for the timely intervention of the security person at post.

2. Majority of thier staff who sit and work in their offices I’ve engaged are very rude to the highest level. They don’t know how to say sir or madam. They will yell your first name irrespective of your age. And when you are engaging h them in conversation, they won’t allow you to finish your narration, they’d jump in and cut you. Their body language is not anything good to write home about. And there seems to be no seniority at the office because the managers seem to be afraid of the subordinates, especially the office at Takoradi (same building with NIB). At their head office, you need to tell the secretary your exact mission before she decides whether to allow you speak to the manager. She would do everything possible to prevent you from seeing the manager. And ask another staff to talk to you. I’m sure the manager doesn’t know this. 

3. The ladies they’ve placed behind their call centres will promise to call you back after you have lodged a complaint and they will never call back. When you call back and they realise it you, they will find a means to drop the call on you. 

For me, I’m not recommending them to any family member or friend to do any form of policy with them. The picture below was taken by myself at their head office on 1.11.18

Photo credit: Obed Kwabena Bangdome

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