God only blesses people who don’t make noise about their donation – Yvonne Nelson attention seekers

Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has rebuked those who are making donations to the poor and needy with cameras following them during these trying times of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Yvonne stated in a tweet that in times like these where donations are made to the needy, there is no need to get the attention of the media.

The talented actress noted that this is the only way that a blessing from God will be guaranteed; and not the donations to look good in the sight of man.

She further stated that most churches hardly engage in charity because monies paid there are used to the luxurious life of their Pastor.

This has been an issue of grave concern for a long time as pastor’s keep collecting monies from their poor members; and they use these monies to buy flashy cars and build mansions.

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Her tweet reads; “Pls donate to the poor/needy/widows/orphans etc, don’t let an eye see it when you do, God in heaven sees it!this is how God our Father in Heaven blesses! most churches/pastors will use your money for their luxurious lifestyles. God sees and knows our hearts”.

See her post below…


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