Grab a “Medikal” who will help push your dream and not only think about your body – Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui
                     Fella Makafui

Entrepreneur and “YOLO” actress Fella Makafui has appealed to young University female students to date men who will help push their dreams and not men who are just wanting their bodies.

Fella Makafui who is currently touring University Campuses to empower young women to start doing something for themselves was spotted in a video on social media telling the students that it’s not enough to have a boyfriend who is only concerned about their looks but does not think about their dreams.

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She revealed that her man, AMG Medikal has been supportive since they began going out hence the success she‘s chalking.

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“You need to have a man who will support your dream and not a man who cares about only you,” the actress is heard saying in the video. 

Fella Makafui is embarking on the “Start Now” campus tour to empower young ladies to be entrepreneurs.



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