Graduates must be innovative and create a future or themselves ——– Prof Boasiako-Antwi


The Vice Rector and Dean Of the Graduate School of Pentecost University, Professor Kwame Boasiako-Antwi, has urged graduates to become more innovative and create a future for themselves than relaxing and waiting on Government Employment.

“We need graduates who are true and authentic leaders, visionary and passionate about achieving results, graduates who are self – motivated and are not waiting for future to come to them, unlike the members of the Association of Unemployed Graduates.” He said.

Prof. Boasiako-Antwi gave the requirement of graduates at the Sixth Congregation of the Perez University College.

“Higher education and training are important because of the responsibility to search for the truth and creation of knowledge, which played a major role in today’s knowledge – based economies.” He added

The Prof urged graduates to broaden their intellectual horizon to include multi – cultural aspects to be competitive in the global market.


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