HOT NEWS: Mortuary water now going for Ghc7,000 as some Ghanaian pastors rush for it

Dead body
Dead body

Some mortuary men in Ghana have began cashing in big on mortuary water as the ‘strange commodity’ is now on high demand on the Ghanaian black market. 

In a revealing interview on Atinka TV, a woman stated that some Ghanaian pastors now buy water collected after bathing dead bodies for as much as Ghc7,000 for rituals in their various churches.

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She added that these so called ‘men of God’ use the mortuary water for healing, as anointing water and to perform various miracles in their churches.

“Some people prefer to bath their corpse at the mortuary. So when the attendants mop up the wet floor, they squeeze the dirty water into containers which they keep and sell to some pastors”, she stated.

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Ghanaian Christians, of late, have become so obsessed with some men of God and follow them like ‘zombies’ all in the name finding solutions to their problems. And they surprisingly obey whatever these men of God ask them to do without asking questions. 


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