Hot Video: Military men land hot slaps on Kofi TV reporter for filming Richard Agu’s marriage ceremony in Obuasi


A reporter for Kofi TV was at the receiving end of the much-anticipated marriage ceremony between Richard Agu and Benedicta Langtaa which was held in Obuasi.

The euphoria in the build-up to the ceremony had taken center stage on social media following a revelation of a jilted ex girlfriend, Comfort Bliss Gh, claiming she spent over GHS 8,000 on Richard only to be dumped for a fashion designer known as “matopa Benedicta”.

Despite the frenzy atmosphere following a stern warning from the military presence in the vicinity, a ‘smart’ reporter of Kofi TV was used as a scapegoat after he sneaked to secretly record the ceremony.

The military men confronted the reporter who denied filming the ceremony but couldn’t win the sympathy of the defense men who landed a few slaps on the reporter.

Kindly watch the video below.


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