I am cool with Strongman; no hard feelings – Medikal

Medikal and Strongman

AMG Medikal has demystified the popular claim that he has personal issues with Strongman.

Speaking to Serwaa Amihere during an interview on GH One during their lyrical battle, Medikal has explained that as a rapper/entertainer, he has the right to use his music as a medium of expression. Hence, recording beef songs to diss his fellow rapper doesn’t prove that they have issues.

Medikal still stood to his grounds on his infamous claim that he “saved” the Ghanaian rap industry four years ago.

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He added that four years ago, other genres like AfroPop, Azonto and love songs dominated the airwaves until he made his appearance with his rap songs. Hence, making such a statement that he saved Ghana’s rap music four years back is in order.

Medikal strongly believes he therefore deserves the coveted title of “GH Rap Savior”.

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Medikal and Strongman became the talk of the town after they got involved in a lyrical battle in the past few days.


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