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I can no longer be in this abusive and draining relationship – Shatta Michy speaks up

The latest wrangling between Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy seems to be the last break on the back of the camel; it seems likely that it’s over this time round. 

Per a post on Shatta Michy’s Instagram page, Shatta Wale has been very abusive and is draining her in the relationship which has been always presented as something very perfect on social media. And this is all because Shatta Wale feels that Shatta Michy is cheating.  

Latest happenings posted by @those_called_celebs’s Instagram page has revealed that Shatta Michy has presented some documents to prove that she is the rightful owner of the Range Rover.

@those_called_celebs wrote “I dnt joke on ma page ooo…smart people know watever i write is nothing but de truth but some people just makes it looks like joke but those who knows de story knows wat am saying. …Michy came to ma DM yesterday with documents which claims she be de right owner of de Range Rover but not Shatta….for dat one de3…i will back her cux dax wat she also gained from the relationship. Can u guys ask Michy wat happened after de day she was given dis promise ring??? Fight paaaa in de house…charley.

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My own Michy. ..running away with ur and other documents of de guy won’t solve de problem swdy…u guys gotta sit down n solve issue amicably. If u can’t stay together cux of the hard drugs ..u gotta go ur ways na ….why???


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