“I don’t see weed as drug, it’s a herb” – Batman Samini


Batman Samini has insisted that weed should be legalized because it will be commercially beneficial to Ghana’s economy.

On Joy FM’s “drive on Joy“ show with Lexis Bill, the reggae/dancehall artist who was the guest in the segment “Behind the Fame” stated that weed has so many uses and shouldn’t be regarded only as something people smoke. “I don’t see weed as drug, it’s a herb and I use it for various purposes” he added, although he did not specify the other things he uses weed for.

Samini reiterated that there are other uses for weed apart from smoking it and even added that calls from the late Kofi Annan and Uncle Ebo Whyt are in the right order. “…there are a lot of uses for weed and I support late Kofi Annan and Uncle Ebo Whyts to legalise weed. I am well travelled and I meet big men who educate me about weed”.

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The herb can be used in the production of medicine, paper and oil, and the legalization of weed has been a topic for debate recently after calls from some well respected individuals in the society have heightened.


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