I have to be serious with my prophetic calling – Delay reacts after her prediction on SM Militants fall out with Shatta Wale came to pass


Host of the Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong Manso interviewed Shatta Wale’s Militants some 2 years ago; and in the course of her interview, she predicted that they would betray their boss.

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During the interview, Delay stressed on the fact that there will surely be issues with Shatta Wale. And she rightly tipped Addi Self to be the most stubborn among them; the one who will start the confusion.

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Well, it has come to pass as confirmed by Shatta Wale yesterday. And truly, Addi Self was the the mastermind behind the betrayal.

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After hearing that her prediction has come to pass, Delay took to Instagram to state that she has to take her “prophetic” calling more serious.

Take a look at her post below…


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