I supplied condoms to Cwesi Oteng, Chemphe and other celebs before I started music – Nana Boroo

Hip life artiste Nana Boroo
                  Hip life artiste Nana Boroo

Ghanaian hip life artiste Nana Boroo has brought to rest rumors that he used to supply some celebrities in Ghana with condoms, lubricants, surgical gloves and beauty products. 

He was the guest on SVTV chat with Ayisha Bayipa and revealed that he was already doing well as a businessman even before venturing into music. According to the “Aha ye de” hitmaker, he used to import condoms, lubricants and vibrators amongst other things.  

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He said “You should never say never but God has been good, I used to sell stuff. I was selling colourful condoms, lubricants, surgical cloths, and vibrators to lots of guys, for a living.

Some of the people he supplied with condoms include gospel musician Cwesi Oteng, beat producers Kaywa, Kill Beats and musician Chemphe. He also stated that for Angel baby, he used to supply him with shirts. 

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He also stressed on the fact that it’s been ages so it should not be regarded as something that happened recently. 

Nana Boroo is currently in Ghana after travelling to the United States, promoting his new single ‘Dada Naa’.


Credit: SVTV


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