I will only sleep with a producer because I like him, not for roles – Vicky Zugah

Vicky Zugah

Ghanaian actress who has been confirmed as a pathological liar, Vicky Zugah, has addressed the popular notion that some actresses go to bed with producers just to get a movie role.

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It’s not a secret that some actresses go as far as sleeping with movie producers for movie roles. But according to Vicky Zugah, she will only sleep with the one she likes and not because she’s dying to star in his movie.

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During an interview with Abeiku Santana on his Atuu show, Abeiku asked her if she had ever slept with a movie producer for a role. Here’s what she had to say; “oo no, I’ve not slept with a producer just to get a role in a movie. If you are a producer and you bring me a movie script, and along the line, you treat me so well, there is a great bonding, and we sleep with each other, that doesn’t mean it’s because of the movie role. I would only give it to you if I like you but not because of the movie role per say”.

Credit: ghbase.com


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