If you are so powerful, pay me a visit in my dreams — Ibrah One Dares Angel Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim
Bishop Daniel Obinim

Ibrah One has dared controversial man of God, Bishop Daniel ‘Angel’ Obinim to pay him a visit in his dreams if he claims to be so powerful. 

Ibrah One described Bishop Obinim as one of the fakest pastors ever in the world because of his constant ‘dishonest’ activities. 

The founder and leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Obinim has been criticized by lots of Ghanaians for carrying out outlandish ‘miracles’ to hook his congregation who believe so much in him. They attend his church and give him all their money believing that their lives would invariably improve to an appreciable level.

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Responding to one of Obinim’s numerous antics, Ibrah took to social media to jab the self acclaimed ‘Angel of God’.

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He has since dared Angel Obinim to visit him in his dreams.

See a screenshot of his post below…

Ibrah 1


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