It is not wrong if a p()rn star visits Ghana – Tourism Authority boss


The launch of the Year of Return initiative has seen the influx of thousands of African Americans into the country. Many others have also promised to visit Ghana before the end of the year.

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One of those who have promised a visit to Ghana include popular American p*rn star, Byron Long who took to social media to make the announcement. However, his visit has sparked a lot of controversies on social media concerning the visit of Byron.

Meanwhile, the boss of the tourism authority Mr. Akwasi Agyeman has stated that he sees nothing wrong with his visit to Ghana so far as he’s granted a visa and visits Ghana without flouting any of our laws.

“As I sit here, I can’t be a judge on who to come to Ghana because he is this or that. So far as they apply for a visa, they get the visa and they come into the country and are law-abiding, who am I to say they should not come. So to that extent, people like Cardi B and I don’t even know who the porn star is, I don’t know him but I have also seen the story that says somebody is coming who is porn star. Is pornography legal where he is coming from? If it is and he comes to Ghana and visits the castle or visits a place, what is wrong with that?” he quizzed.

He further stated that the security forces are working around the clock to get the vital data of all those visiting; so that once there’s a problem, they can be traced.

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”Once we open up our country for tourism, all kinds of people will come in. Even the risk of people with dodgy characters, potential terrorists and all of them are going to look at Ghana as a destination and that is why we are working closely with the immigration, national security and the police service to make sure that at least data is collected and we can track. That is as far as my mandate goes. I don’t make moral judgments in these matters. Personally I would not be there, but I am not here to serve my personal interest. I am here to serve the state and I don’t make moral judgments,” he added.


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