I’ve slept with a lot of guys because of my obssesion with iPhone – Lady shares her experience


The use of smartphones has become common and part of our everyday lives but the question is that what do you use these phones for? Is it to attend to your online business, to have fun on social media or just to take good pictures for your own admiration?

Well, a lady has shared her experience of how men have taken advantage of her because of her obsession with smartphones. Wait! it’s not just any other phone but her love for iPhone has caused her a lot because of the pressure from a close friend.

According to the lady who wants to remain anonymous, she will do everything on planet earth to get herself an iPhone even if it will cost her her life. Sadly, her quest to find herself the phone of her dreams knowing very well that it comes with a cost has slept with countless number of guys but it all turned out to be a scam.

“There’s been an obsession to use iPhone and I’m even ready to die for it. What triggered it most is when my bestie insulted me that I can’t afford an iPhone with all this beauty. Since nothing comes for free I’ve slept with different guys who promised to give me an iPhone after sex but it all turned to be scam. I need help, I want this obsession to go..” she concluded.

If you are a lady and reading this, kindly note that some men normally don’t give gifts to ladies for free. Men should also have some sense of responsibility to help ladies who are in need and like the saying goes, every goodness to mankind is goodness for oneself.

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