Jail Corrupt Match Officials – Kwabena Yeboah Tells GFA


President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana [SWAG], Kwabena Yeboah has called on the country’s football governing body to jail referees if they are found in welcoming bribe from club administrators.

Referees officiating in the Ghana Premier League have been accused of playing a key role in bringing down football in the country.

According to the ace broadcaster, the GFA must take steps to ensure that the dwindling nature of football in the country is been revive by jailing match officials who accept a bribe.

“When you have a situation where some of the clubs are so keen to bribe referees and are ready to pay beyond GHc20, 000.00 it means they are not helping the game.” He told Class FM.

“I think the FA should be more proactive in instituting measures to fish out these corrupt guys and if it means that some should end up in jail so be it.

“We have seen these practices in South Africa where there were very keen on eliminating some these corrupt practices. Homes of referees were searched and those who were found culpable ended in jail.

“We saw this in Europe, especially in the Italian Serie A where referees went to jail and I think once we recognize that this is a concur destroying our football, we must take the bull by the horn and address it strongly.

He further disclosed why the GFA are struggling to secure sponsorship for the Premier League.

“This is not funny at all. We know that too many matches are predetermined and we are talking about an issue of sponsorship.

“When your league is dirty and there is much rot in it, you don’t expect sponsors who normally want their products to be associated with cleanliness to come and link up with that so it is an area where the Ghana Football Association must address with all seriousness.” He added.


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