Kantanka’s cry over German car maker VW coming to Ghana – valid or not valid?


After it was revealed that VW will be setting up a car assembly plant in Ghana, a section of Ghanaians have since been bashing the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo. And why the bashing? Because of Kantaka? And what are their reasons? 

                         A Kantanka vehicle

Well, their reasons don’t make sense to me. Do they want to tell me that because there is a local company making cars here in Ghana, we should send foreign ones away? So because I produce drinks in Ghana, no other drink producing company should come and do business in Ghana? Is that what critics of this move are saying? What kind of mentality is that? 

Now let’s take a look at this scenario. Kantanka wants Ghanaians to patronise his product but he doesn’t use his own cars. And how does that sound? The last time I checked, Kantanka himself uses an Escalade, a VW Atlas and a Chrysler. And even his convoy is full of cars manufactured by foreign companies. His own school, Apostle Safo School of Arts and Sciences located at Awoshie has a school bus and it’s a Hyundai bus. 

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When VW establishes a factory in Ghana, the ordinary Ghanaian will be employed regardless of religious belief. How many ordinary Ghanaians has Kantanka employed? Even after Kantanka has trained you, you can only get employment in Kantanka Automobile on one condition, and that is when you’re a church member (Asafo ni). So once you’re not a church member, it’s a done deal; No work for you. Working in any Kantanka company comes with a condition and that condition is, you should be a church member. 

Again why are followers of Kantanka crying? They should give us a break. 


Mensah Ayartey


Disclaimer: This writeup is not the view of Societywatch.net, but solely the view and property of the writer, Mensah Ayartey. 


                            Mensah Ayartey


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