Kind hearted Police officer saves the life of a mother and her baby

         The heroic Police Officer

The Ghana Police Service has been tagged as one of the most corrupt institutions in the country and it will take more than just lip service to change the public’s perception and how they actually go about discharging their duties. 

But everyone who does something good deserves a mention. This is exactly what a Facebook user, Peggy Jamela Saanuo tried to drive home after she witnessed a very hearty action by one police officer who was stationed at the Doboro barrier stop at Nsawam. 

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According to Peggy, the Police officer pulled over a red car and contrary to her conclusion that the police officer was just in for his stomach, the officer actually made a mother with a toddler switch seats from the front to the back of the car.

Babies are not allowed to sit in the front of a car, but should be provided with a car seater in the back of the car for their own safety. 

Kudos to this police officer for his heroic act. 

Read Facebook post below; 

I don’t know this police man but I happened to experience something awesome he did few steps away. I was at a barrier stop at Doboro near Nsawam and at a search point he pulled a red car over. I was just like “oh here we go another driver about to probably tip a police officer.” I was actually wrong, because all I saw was this police officer openning the front seat of the car and gently asked a lady with a toddler seated at the front seat to go sit at the back of the car. He did the Lady the honor of opening both doors for her to secure the baby. The lady looked pissed but after she got seated and buckled the police officer let them go.

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This single act made me feel so much better and happy because most people In Ghana are yet to understand why they should get car seaters for kids and most importantly why kids should be at the back of the car not the front. 

This police man needs some real accolades because he’s  done paying his dues of ensuring safety on the road.

Whoever he is, mother Ghana needs more of him and we a proud to have such kind hearted police officers around. 

Thank you for your services🙏🏾


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