Kwame Sefa Kayi blames Shatta Wale, Countryman Songo blames Stonebwoy…who is to blame for the VGMA fight?

Kwame Sefa Kayi (L) and Countryman Songo (R)

It  looks like the debate as to who is to blame for the brouhaha that unfolded at the last VGMAs is not far from over even after 3 days.

And interestingly, the debate still goes on as to who is to blame for what happened last Saturday. 

After Stonebwoy was announced as the ‘Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year’ and was receiving his award, Shatta Wale got off his seat and moved with his ‘thug-like team’ towards the stage. Stonebwoy then pulled out a gun which got matters more complicated. 

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And per Kwame Sefa Kayi’s assertion, Shatta Wale was at fault for rushing to the stage. Former UK High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin has also placed majority of the blame at the feet of Stonebwoy.

Another person who believes Stonebwoy was at fault is ‘Fire for Fire’ host Countryman Songo. After Sefa Kayi made his arguments that Shatta was at fault for the issue, Songo also said Stonebwoy was actually the one at fault.

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During an interview on Ekosii Sen, Songo said it is normal for another artist to go on stage to try and congratulate someone else after winning an award.

He used himself as an example; he has won awards in the past where some people he does not even know joined him on stage to receive his award. So there was nothing untoward with Shatta going on stage to congratulate Stonebwoy.

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He explained that Stonebwoy was rather at fault for showing a gun. However, Kwame disagreed with him.

The ‘Chairman General’, who hosted the VGMAs sent in a text message during the show to express his disagreement with Songo’s assertion.


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