Leaked s*x tape: Tema Slay Queen exposed

Slay Queen Ohemaa

The name ‘Slay Queen’ gained popularity in the late 2000’s after the internet became a handy business tool. Young girls started taking to social media to flaunt their ‘skins and hardy’s’ for likes and comments from preys, thereby perpetrating the popular saying that ‘s*x sells’. 

Just as ‘slay queen’ became a household name, there was the need to sustain their lifestyle because of how expensive it was to remain relevant as a Slay Queen; hence, the introduction of the ‘paid s*x’ bit into the equation. 

These slay queens began indulging in prostitution to be able to pay their extravagant bikini/photography/lifestyle bills. And hate it or love it, this business has come to stay. 

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Well, you might wonder what birthed this article. The gist is that societywatch.net got hold of a leaked s*x tape of a slay queen based in Tema called C*n*y Ohemaa. And in the video, Ohemaa was providing some good services to a client. 

So we decided to dig deeper to find out more about Ohemaa and what she does. We got her number and contacted her in a bid to know if she’s just a slay queen or using the name as a coverup for her real line of business; prostitution. 

We had a good chat with Ohemaa and within minutes, our Tema based Slay Queen was willing to provide us with services similar to what we saw in the s*x tape for various price ranges depending on duration. So it was that easy. 

But hey, hollup!!! Have you realized that all of a sudden, most of our girls are now makeup artistes and models? And have you also realized that there has been an upsurge in model agencies and makeup shops in Ghana? The ish is that most of them are hookup joints. 

The business of prostitution is taking another trend; you don’t have to stand on the streets anymore. These ‘ashawos’ rather join model agencies and get gigs through that medium. 

Ponder over this. We have girls who say they are video vixens, but have never featured in a single video. Meanwhile, they drive in flashy cars on the streets of Accra and have lunch and supper in top class restaurants in Ghana. 

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We have girls who claim they are photo models but have never posted a single picture of their work on social media. Yet still, they move around looking all flashy. 

Probably there are more Ohemaa’s out there than we initially thought there were. 

We cannot post the video on our page due to its graphic nature. However, enjoy screenshots of our chat with Ohemaa below…


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