LIFESTYLE: How to get back your ex, the right way


Often times, when someone wants to get their ex back, they’ll send them a constant stream of text messages and phone calls begging for their forgiveness. They’ll tell him or her that they still love them and that they’re willing to fix all the things they’ve done wrong.

However, based on expert relationship advice, it turns out that if you really want your ex back, you shouldn’t be sending them these messages. In fact, if you really want your ex to realize they made a mistake, you should be doing the complete opposite. Sound weird and counter intuitive? It is, but it works.

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“When people are heartbroken, often times they’ll do or say anything to try to convince their exes to come back. But to be honest, they don’t realize that what they’re doing is destroying their chances of getting their ex back, because in fact, at this point, they should probably be ignoring their exes for now,” says Brad.

The reason being that right now, your ex knows that you want them back. You no longer pose any challenge, and therefore their attraction to you is low as they know they can have you whenever they feel like taking you back; when your ex knows for a fact that they can get back together with you in a second, the appeal and magic just disappears. What you need to do is reverse the roles completely and convince your ex that you have actually moved on and that you don’t want him or her back.

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Only then will he or she feel the need to contact you again, and only then will you be able to create that sort of “attraction” and “spark” you two had when you first met.

Yes, I understand that trying to appear to move on right now is difficult. And for some people reading this, it may sound almost impossible.

But How Long Should You Ignore Your Ex?

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“For 31 days, that is, 31 days at the very least, depending on the situation. But 31 days has proven to be the length of time at which any person, even one who has been determined to move on from an ex, starts missing someone – especially a person that was dear to them.”

I promise you that if you do follow the right advice, you will get the results.

Life is always full of choices, what are yours.


By: Timmy Samchel (am a lethal)


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